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Gateways Physical Tracing (Pty) Ltd

Gateways Physical Tracing is a privately held company that is part of the Gateways group of companies. It has been operating as a CSI project of the Group.

In May 2016, Gateways was awarded a contract to find members of the Bosele National Provident Fund (formerly called Bophuthatswana National Provident Fund), who have not yet claimed their benefits. This contract was provided through SA Quantum, a Fund Administrator delegated to perform this work.

In excess of 80,000 members of Bosele have not been identified and as such, have not received their entitlements. All these affected members were employed in private businesses, municipal or governmental agencies in the former Bophuthatswana.

Gateways is geared up for other contracts and intends to be the premier physical tracing company in South Africa. There are many Electronic Tracing companies in South Africa. There are few, solid, well-resourced, physical tracing companies, who do the labour-intensive work in unsophisticated rural areas, as well as urban areas.

The Business Model

The Business Model is predicated on the reality that you cannot find thousands of people; you must make it easy for them to find you.

Gateways has a “SWAT” team of trained men and women who do the fieldwork in rural areas. They publicize the project, and provide practical assistance with collecting information from people who have never received their pensions. Gateways also uses the 36 offices of Khulisa Social Solutions (Pty) Ltd across South Africa, to perform the on-the-ground activities. They all receive training and supervision.

The Intelligence Hub

The Intelligence Hub at Gateways collects applicants’ data, analyses and correlates it to the database that the Pension Fund Administrators have given them. To date the Hub has processed over 13,750 applications and can process 100 times as many. Matched Applicants are contacted by the physical tracers who guide and assist them to collect and collate the required information for submission to the Pension Fund Administrator (Phase 2). The Administrator assesses the information and when it is accepted, pay the Applicants their entitlements.

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