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Strategy Icon STRATEGY
Strategies that Work

The outcome of this course is a realistic, functional strategy that is owned by all the participants and that can be executed to improve the organisation’s functioning. Participants learn how to identify opportunities, to take more ownership of the business to correctly manage client relationships and increase efficiency.

Focussed Strategy Implementation

Strategy implementation requires a compelling and functional approach to consolidate the company’s focus and direction. All participants are brought to a common understanding to ensure effective collaboration and commitment to a common purpose.

Finance Icon FINANCE
Effective Financial Control

Internal controls, financial reporting and timely feed-back are basic requirements for the achievement of operational and strategic goals. Gateways is skilled at developing information systems that are designed to help the organisation achieve its objectives, leading to more predictable outcomes.

Managing Mergers and Acquisitions

Mergers and acquisitions normally involve the takeover of a smaller company by a large one. Acquisitions may be hostile or friendly. Regardless of its nature, Gateways with its professional skills is able to assist from beginning to end.

Financial Forecasting for Success

Forecasting is the process of making statements about events whose actual outcomes have not yet been observed. In these uncertain times that is an important and vital skill set. Gateways is able to provide effective financial analysis for this specific need within any organisation.

Business Valuation

Valuing a business is one of the most difficult tasks that confronts any business consultant, depending on whether you are working for the buyer or the seller. Gateways is able to study companies and other entities to arrive at an equitable estimate of fair value.

Training Icon TRAINING
A Company Called Me

The only program of its kind in South Africa, “A Company Called Me” leads participants through a series of engaging activities to the following conclusion. I don’t work for a company. I am the MD of my own services company, a company called ME. My employer is my most valuable client having purchased my entire inventory. I need to ensure that my company (called ME) is always highly valued so that my services are in constant demand.

Train the Trainers

This unique, energetic, intensive, sometimes humorous one-day training program ensures that your trainers/facilitators are equipped with proven training games and exercises to actively engage their work-shoppers in hard and soft skills learning.

Professional Negotiation Skills

Most companies today comprise a complex web of relationships , the shape of which are formed through negotiations. Successful negotiations can have a significant impact on the company’s strategy and bottom line. Gateways believes that skilled negotiators are not born. The Gateways approach to successful negotiating is built on sound principles, systematic processes and practical experience.

Finance for Non-Financial Managers

Financial reports have their own language and managers without a sound financial background often find themselves floundering. Finance for Non-Financial Managers helps managers to familiarise themselves with essential financial concepts, showing them how to “speak the language of numbers” and incorporate financial data into their daily business decisions. It also clarifies how and why financial decisions impact business and operational objectives.

Industrial Relations Essentials for Managers and Team Leaders

Companies justifiably complain that time is being wasted and money lost because managers are not correctly confronting poor performance and misconduct on the part of their staff. Through instruction and practice, participants in our Industrial Relations Essentials program learn both the states of mind and the essential knowledge required to effectively confront poor performance and misconduct in the context of South African labour law and their company’s disciplinary policies and procedures. (This program is only offered in house because it is customised to the client’s industrial relations environment.)

Leadership Development

Through the Gateways Balanced Leadership program participants learn that to be a leader you have to have followers. But people will only follow you if they respect you. They will only respect you if you are a confident and caring leader who can keep his or her composure during tough times. In the program they learn how to achieve this.

Managing with Intent

Management is the art of getting people to do what needs to be done whilst keeping them happy and motivated in the process. The “Managing with Intent” development program delivers a simple and easy to remember model for solving managerial problems and managing staff effectively. Utilising the unique “Management Arch” the program delivers a step-by-step approach that can be applied by each manager or supervisor every day.

Customised Programs

Apart from the above courses we also design and build impactful courses to meet individual clients’ goals. Content can be delivered by Gateways or client’s trainers/facilitators. In the latter case a full training pack, including the facilitator’s guide and training materials, are provided.

Coaching & Mentoring Icon COACHING & MENTORING
Board & Senior Level Development

Gateways recognises the critical importance of having highly skilled managers who consistently operate at their peak. This coaching program is aimed at high potential senior managers and executives, developing their attitudinal and managerial skills and equipping them to handle greater responsibilities.

Trade Facilitation Icon TRADE FACILITATION

Gateways has successfully represented several international businesses seeking to penetrate African and Middle Eastern markets by helping them to find the right partners and projects. Our offices in Saudi Arabia and Lebanon provide proactive support to establish sustainable and profitable businesses in these lucrative markets.

Focussed Strategy Implementation

Strategy implementation requires a compelling and functional approach to consolidate the company’s focus and direction. All participants are brought to a common understanding to ensure effective collaboration and commitment to a common purpose.

Performance Management Icon PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENT
Customised Performance Management Systems

Traditional performance appraisal systems tend not to work because they take too long to implement and are resistant to changing business needs. Gateways assists its clients to deploy a simple but effective Balanced Scorecard performance management system that can be quickly implemented and is directly connected to the company’s business objectives.

Corporate Governance Icon CORPORATE GOVERNANCE
Board Assessment

Boards should act as the focal point and custodian of corporate governance. The 64 principles in the Gateways Board Assessment cover governance, ethical leadership, risk and sustainability. The Assessment is designed to create a richer and more thorough analysis of Board governance in order to drive the organisation forward to achieve its goals whilst keeping it under prudent control.

Expert Advice Icon EXPERT ADVICE

Qualified advice provided to companies for legal and governance purposes

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